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The pairing of elements—whether they be pure or semi-finished products or finished parts such as screws, cables, joints—can sometimes provoke a kind of explosive combination of surprise and new consciousness. Suddenly, balances, dynamics, rhythms, and raison d’être are discovered, capable of opening new compositions which in turn generate answers to new aesthetic and functional needs.

Restart/Milano puts into play the sign of comparison and dialogue by crossing the ample combinatorial and assemblage possibilities of craft materials and traditions, all in a re-compositional game that works on reduction and recovery by humanizing with subtlety and complexity the final results. 

restartmilano ppt family
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restartmilano ppt family
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restartmilano brs family
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Restart/Milano catalogues in its design process elements of tangible and intangible composition. A brass bulb socket and reading Una questione privata by Beppe Fenoglio; 1970s’ joints for tubular frames and the history of Olivetti design; the shape of a lamp and a photo by Jacques Fath. A course that is able to re-create moods in detail of the Italian domestic landscape.