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Living collections of sophisticated modernity. Italian bespoken furniture since 1922.

100 years of design. 100 years of continuous research and innovation. These are the style features of Costantini Pietro, since 1922 making furniture for the living area with distinctive creative design, precise detailing, material quality and superb craftsmanship, always focussed on introducing important innovative manufacturing techniques using multiple materials, first and foremost wood, always a key feature of Costantini products.



A modern, elegant table with striking geometric design detail.



A table design incorporating geometric lines that arouse a pleasant feeling of lightness.

Foto Jet Set

Jet Set

A table that creates a harmonious composition of wood and ceramic.



This modern dining table has a base made of metal tubes available in various finishes.



Strict geometries, solid structure, with lines of great conceptual strength: a table-architecture.

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile

The company will be at Salone del Mobile this year, presenting designs by Giuseppe Viganò, creator of the Sign capsule collection, always seeking new inspirations and styles. In his work, experimentation and being influenced by references from the spheres of art, fashion and poetry create the conditions for a broad-reaching approach to design.
Stefano Spessotto is a designer whose products are a masterful combination of exclusive style and profound significance: creativity and flexibility are fused in a unique style that creates perfect furniture for a modern, cosmopolitan living space.

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