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Grace Armchair Low

Categoria: Sedute

Freifrau Graefling - Grace Armchair Low

Strong and straight Grace stands, with a real classy touch and a name to match: Grace Jones, Grace Kelly… Two eponymous women who stood their ground yet never hid their tender side.

In designing Grace, Birgit Hoffmann and Christoph Kahleyss got their inspiration from the soft elegance of leather draped loosely over a chair. Early on, it became clear that the particular charm of the new piece would require especially thick leather as a contrast to a delicate frame, and this represented a not inconsiderable challenge for the design duo. Leather is, after all, a natural material, and designers need to harness its characteristics in order to turn their ideas into reality. With its finely-positioned open stitches, the leather used is at once robust and elegant, full of archaic heft yet with an undeniable grace. Hence the name of the chair, which presents leather in its purest form and offers unparalleled comfort: Grace.