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WITTMANN - Atrium Sofa

Even decades down the line, some designs still exert the same contemporary allure that they did when they first appeared. ATRIUM, a Wittmann Workshop masterpiece created back in 1971, is one of those concepts that demonstrates this kind of enduring relevance. Today, both living habits and the (in many cases reduced) amount of room available in urban living spaces tend to call for practical yet distinguished furniture solutions. Reason enough, then, for Wittmann to invite the eminently likeable ATRIUM back into the limelight. A modular piece, ATRIUM can be transformed into a high-quality bed in just a few simple steps.

In fact, ATRIUM combines several of Wittmann's specialities: an innate ability to bring the greatest possible degree of comfort to any form, its playful mastery of the art of combining distinctive and aesthetic design with remarkable functionality, and the company’s unsurpassed expertise when it comes to all aspects of peaceful sleep. Designed in the 1970s as a modular sofa system based on the cubic forms that fully reflected the spirit of the times, ATRIUM is also the perfect stylistic fit for 21st century feel-good living concepts: high-quality materials and a sophisticated structure hallmark the inside, while a casual, soft and inviting aesthetic sets the tone on the outside.

We do this by combining distinctive design with masterful craftsmanship to create meaningful and expressive furniture & lifestyle statements that last.