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RAIU 1 Seater Full Base


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SANIHARTO - RAIU 1 Seater Full Base

Humans are graced with the ability to express our feelings. A face holds a million expressions and it’s the canvas of our thoughts, concerns and beliefs - it’s how we connect with ourselves and one another. Inspired by the shape of lips, Raiu’s sumptuous and velvety curves bring this still object to life, becoming a bridge for us to communicate and express our emotions.

W 885 D 840 H 745 mm

A compact and bulbous arm chair. Raiu’s fully upholstered backrest and seat extends to the floor creating a bold but soft presence. A hint of brass adds a touch of elegance to the silhouette.

Alvin Tjitrowirjo shared about his 2nd collection with SANIHARTO. He felt the importance to promote the sense of humanity, before it’s lost. And a piece of furniture is also something that’s very close to the interactions of human being. Please welcome ; Objects of Living.