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Collezione: Alter Ego Collection

Categoria: Sedute


Photo Ernest Wińczyk / Wunderkamera

Perline by Ola Mirecka

Ola is all about creative playtime. Most of her designs address the need for an agency to transform material objects – from coat hangers to LEGO figures, as Ola also works for that famous Billund-based company. Her version of Thonet’s B-1840 model is about the compulsive urgency of touching and moving bead-like elements threaded into an armrest. As Ola put it, “I remember the light of the springtime entering through the window of the dining room of our family house whenI was a kid. These long moments of waiting for someone or something while sitting at the table. Whistling, rolling a ping-pong ball, tapping on the table top and repeatedly kicking the bottom of the table. And I can still hear my mother’s voice in my head: Darling, can you please

stop doing this before I go nuts?”

Designed by
Ola Mirecka
Ola Mirecka