An Archipelago of Style

Collezione: ATOLO

Categoria: Divani e poltrone


Dive into Claudio Bellini’s captivating world of ATOLO, where self-expression is celebrated in its most natural form.

Imagined as an archipelago of atolls, ATOLO's modularity invites you to create a harmonious, welcoming environment suited to your space.

The trio of grounded silhouettes — a one-seater, two-seater, and pouf — come back to nature with a contrasting palette and organic mélange of DEDON Fibers. ATOLO might be anchored in its environment, but it is by no means constricting: Each seat’s gently sloped back and armrests mimic the weightless freedom of floating from one island to the next — uncovering the depths of the sea’s secrets along the way.

DEDON Designer Claudio Bellini
“Thanks to the remarkable combination of DEDON Fiber and the expertise of the DEDON master weavers, we achieved an excellent harmony of elements and details.”

- Claudio Bellini

Claudio Bellini is a versatile designer with expertise spanning furniture, product, and interior design. His creations are imbued with influences from his extensive travels and passion for sailing, resulting in works that exude a harmonious sense of beauty and worldly sophistication.