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Grace Stool

Categoria: Sedute

Rainforest Suspension, Marie Round Bench, Grace Console and Puff

This design carries the same beautiful name and charm that is capable to transform any living space into an outstanding one.

The Grace stool was designed to be an accent furniture décor to provide a luxurious statement to the interior. The classy decorative piece incorporates bespoke brass and a tailor-made upholstery top. A sophisticated colour combination is smooth yet delicate – it manifests an effortless elegance that is alluring to decorate with and complete a total home look with balance and harmony. This modern pouf integrates sleek gold-plated brass that is intertwined with high-quality leather and creates a subtle furniture design touch. Inject a magical vibe into a living space with this versatile lifestyle piece, allowing to beautify a room with various decorative settings. This handmade furniture design can be placed in a foyer, entryway, living room, or dining room to bring a gracious detail to the house. Bespoke your dreams with the Grace center table as it can be organically customized and become a key component for all the luxuriously lavish houses to help achieve the desired timeless chic.