Libris table

Collection : LIBRIS

Categoria: Tavoli e tavolini


Table with oak or beech legs and structure. Available in extensible or electrified version. Top available in different finishes. 

The Libris table collection is inspired by books and how their leaves are made. This table is available in an extendable version and as a modular system to create wide compositions. The covers of the Libris extendable have a flexible and very resistant carbon fiber joint. The movement, turning and unfolding are inspired by the old Dutch gaming tables. The Libris system can be customized with a central channel with hinged covers that give easy access to the table’s wiring and leave all the wiring hidden. This modular system allows the tables to be configured and dimensioned to equip all types of spaces, facilities, hotels, offices or residential places. Capdell’s tradition, culture and taste for cabinetmaking are reflected in the curved and laminated arched wood that, together with the solid wood benches, support the laminated board tops.

Designed by
Vicent Martínez