Teckell Cristallino White

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Teckell Cristallino White

Improving perfection.

The Teckell experience is now available outdoors as well as indoors with a foosball table that defies the elements.

A vision in crystal and Corian® entertains far and wide.

Teckell Cristallino White
Descrizione del prodotto
“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” Aaron Rose

Enjoy the game under the Tuscan, Tokyo or Miami sun. The Teckell experience is now available also outdoors. A vision in crystal and Corian entertains far and wide.

Break free from the four walls. The Teckell experience is now available outdoors as well as indoors with a foosball table that defies the elements. Take in a game while poolside. Sip cocktails on the terrace before, during and after a match. Crush the competition during a backyard tournament and barbeque.

Improving perfection.
Cristallino White is outstanding, thanks to new features and innovations. Only solid metal without defects is used. The brass elements and aluminum players are milled and lathed, one by one, with CNC machines for an artisanal touch and computerized precision. In this model, the players even have faces. The playing field is made of Corian, the first and finest of acrylic polymer surface materials, a favorite of designers.

The birth of a design icon.
An original, from its design to creation and finishing touches. Crafted using avant-garde technology and the skilled hands of Italian artisans who perfect every detail for a unique and exclusive work of art.

Timeless beauty.
Few would imagine that a miniscule grain of sand, tumbling in the ocean waves, could become a luminous work of art.
Yet magic happens. Teckell’s crystal materializes from this wondrous blend of the most modern technology and the age-old craftsmanship of master glassworkers. Delicate beauty yet remarkable strength are in perfect harmony. Light and shapes come together to give life once again to unique products. Teckell Cristallino’s clean lines and sleek look allow it to fit in beautifully with any decor. Modern furnishings or an allwhite color scheme are naturals for a piece of this style, but Cristallino can also add a fascinating contrast to opulent and even baroque interiors.

The game’s new frontier: outside.
The game never ends with the Teckell Cristallino White. No matter what Mother Nature delivers, this table stands up, providing worry-free fun. Corian, the playing field’s surface, is non-porous and stain resistant - especially its white version. This revolutionary material maintains its color and even withstands heat up to 212°F (100°C), perfect for poolside.

Be-gone rust, too.
The stainless steel rods are AISI 316, a type that is highly resistant to corrosion and commonplace on yachts. Teckell designers found inspiration on the high seas. And, yes, the table can be installed on a yacht or any boat with a special kit. Sail away in style.
Teckell Cristallino White
Nome prodotto

Teckell Cristallino White


Adriano design


Acciaio, Cristallo, Legno, Ottone

L 140 W 74 H 92cm 116kg
Processo produttivo
• Chrome-plated brass handles and scoring units.
• Chrome-plated brass joints.
• Players made of aluminum: one team white epoxy powder coated, the other black epoxy powder coated. Artisans have applied a face on every single player.
• Quick mount handles that fit perfectly and can be removed and replaced.
• Thick crystal structure increases the game’s speed. Tempered clear crystal structure, 15 mm thick, with beveled and cerium oxide-polished corners.
• The telescopic rods are made of AISI 316 stainless steel. Rod ends featuring two layers of shock absorption. Rods are equipped with special, self-lubricating bearings so that they slide back and forth quietly, smoothly and quickly.
• Goals with polished stainless steel frames and handcrafted black nets.
• Playing field in Corian . Available in pure white.
• Adjustable feet for for uneven ground.
• Designed for indoor/outdoor use.


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Adriano Design
Adriano Design
Teckell Cristallino White
Teckell Cristallino White
Teckell Cristallino White
Teckell Cristallino White
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