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SIG 1 A-5870 chair

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The ‘60s and ‘70s were a very difficult time for Polish design and our factories. Poland was cut off from the western world due to the division of spheres of influence – by the so-called Iron Curtain. Acquiring modern technologies, materials or even the exchange of experience was near to impossible. The only way to catch up on this was by turning towards the ancient ideals of mens et manus (Latin: mind and hand). The creativity of designers together with  enormous, precise and tedious work of hand had to suffice to produce comfortable and beautiful furniture.

Many models created at that time were simply excellent and were ahead of their time in many ways. Using the most common materials and simple tools we managed to produce works of art that were also functional. At that time, they sadly could not be appreciated and some of them have never been presented abroad. The HERITAGE mini-collection shall restore their well-deserved fame. To let you experience the same unprecedented quality again, not only did we organize the production in accordance with original drawings, but also we maintained the same technologies and the same extent of handcraft.

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Past projects entice to treat them as a starting point for further work – a work in finding the beginning of solutions to current problems. Jadwiga Husarska-Sobina faced such a challenge in 2011 when she worked on an adjustment of a famous chair SIG1 A-587, by Marian Sigmund.

Initially, her work was supposed to be a tribute to her master on the occasion of his 100th birthday. Marian Sigmund, sorely missed employee of our factory in Jasienica, was also a co-founder of The Cooperative of Artists – ŁAD. This word has a double meaning in Polish since it grasps the idea of “beautiful”, but explicitly it means “order”.
This chair is remarkably modern to this very day! In terms of use, Jadwiga’s task was to change the dimensions and technical details of it, so it could serve adults in a different context than the original one. SIG1 had been earlier designed as a school chair. Jadwiga Husarska-Sobina’s work was received with huge enthusiasm. The examples could be MUST HAVE AWARD as well as strong interest of jury in GERMAN DESIGN AWARD plebiscite.
Paged SIG1 A-5870 detail
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SIG 1 A-5870 chair


Marian Sigmund



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