Made by hand PRESENTA

Papier Pendant

Collection : Papier

Categoria: Illuminazione


The Papier lamp collection is created around the same starting point, a number of shapes have been repeated, distorted and refined until they have reached the right expression and style. 

Designed by
Nina Bruun, 2023

Rice paper has many unique quali­ties lightness, elegance and tactility, which make rice paper lamps appear as almost like floating sculptures. The collection contributes with lightness, elegance and tactility. Papier is available in five different models. 

Together with Made by Hand, I dreamed of designing a new, light, identity-creating rice paper lamp - a modern take on a classic. One of the new effects I used was color - color creates a new dimension and provides an opportunity to create processes, stories and identity in an interior design. Not that these can be compared, but working with the colored rice paper, I looked at the traditional Asian paper lanterns, which are seen with both sporadic color and as full coloured - Nina Bruun.
Designer Nina Bruun