Salone del Mobile Milano

Atmosphera - SHADE | Gazebo

Stainless steel gazebo

Horizontal sun-blind completely watertight. The only product on the market to have the upper and lower surface perfectly smooth. This facilitates the cleaning, avoiding that any residues of foliage get stuck between the blades and fall on the underlying part in case of opening. The precise adjustment of movement ranges from 0 to 135°, allowing a pleasant ventilation in the summer months and a good brightness in the gray days. SHADE can be installed inside of perfectly horizontal aluminum, steel or wood structures, keeping the inclination of the slats at 0.5%, which is not perceptible externally but necessary to the flow of water. Lighting systems with LED spotlights or bars can be integrated, as well as side glass closures, curtains and any air conditioning systems. Feasible in size and layout on customer’s project. Volume: 3 m3