Atelier MO.BA. - LEAVES | Highboard

Wooden highboard with doors

Elegant solid linden wood cupboard with two doors and a minimalist design that is strikingly modified by a substantial hand-engraved bass-relief with leaf motif. The bass-relief, in scratched silver, is located at the front of the piece of furniture, occupying a large part of one of the doors, spilling over onto the other. Another distinctive feature of Leaves is its colour: the linden wood, dyed in a dark colour and then aluminium-brushed, was refined with a sfumato effect using a specific and original shade of green which, when combined with the silver used for the inlay, creates a highly elegant overall colour effect. Inside the cupboard, there is a shelf and two emerald green drawers. Material: solid linden wood carefully refined using gouges and chisels. Finish: dark linden wood, silver brushed with a green glaze. The inlay is in scratched silver. Internal drawers and shelf finished with 50 gloss polyurethane varnish. Dimensions: 90 x 51 x 96 cm.Presented at Milan Furniture Fair 2014, Leaves Collection is a collection that Atelier Mo.Ba. dedicates to living. Consisting of a dining table with chairs, a sideboard, a glass cabinet, a mirror and a column, Leaves collection is an elegant and refined collection, characterised by simple forms enriched by leaves decoration which gives it its name. The decoration is made with the inlay technique, ton sur ton, and is present on each piece differently: as a texture completely covering the surface, alternating with wood grain of maple or carved in the wood thickness to create sculptural details. On some furniture, the two techniques are combined, demonstrating the great craft skill of the company.