Atelier MO.BA. - CELINE | Display cabinet

Wood veneer display cabinet

Display cabinet - Large cabinet with an internal decoration framed like a picture. The external border is in a titanium finish, the doors are in transparent glass, emphasised only by the two handles in chrome-plated metal. The Art Deco inspired decoration is available in Makassar ebony or maple wood, including mother-of-pearl, copper, mahogany or maple wood floral motifs. The cabinet has five shelves, also in transparent glass. Materials: Makassar ebony. Finish: glossy. Dimensions: 150 x 40 x h 220.Fairytale depictions of nature, with their woods and starry nights, are the thinly-veiled inspiration behind the Atelier Mo.Ba. Celine Collection dedicated to the living-room and common spaces. The collection comprises a dining table, a coffee table, a display cabinet, a decorative pillar, an armchair and a credenza and is designed to bring a touch of magic to the domestic setting. The fairytale element is epitomised by the inlaid floral decoration, present on each piece of furniture like the branch of a magic tree from which mother-of-pearl flowers and copper leaves spring forth, illuminating the dark solidity of the Makassar ebony. Elegant and delicate, the refined Art Deco motif decorates furniture and tables, follows the curves and caresses the corners without ever losing its continuity, embellishing the doors of the credenzas, the surfaces of the tables and the inside of the large display cabinet. When it comes to the details, the colour palette, one of the company’s most distinctive elements, offers a series of almost unexpected combinations: in the delicate contrasts of the decorations, in the shades of the table bases, and in the armchair cover that depicts a starry sky. The Celine Collection showcases Atelier Mo.Ba.'s expertise in cabinet work and the art of inlay, in its ability to combine classical and contemporary elements in a perfect formal and aesthetic equilibrium.