Atelier MO.BA. - BLACKY

Rectangular solid wood table

The design of Blacky table is composed by an horizontal blade 7 cm thick in which fit the supports, made as the top in solid ebony wood. The vertical support elements have different inclinations according to a perpendicular angolation, up to oppose. This creates tensions, both compositive and of the vision of the object, that cause the change of the perception of his appearence, depending to the point of view from which it is viewed. From a full and essential monolith becames light and intricate with a succession of thick and thin lines. These contrasts are the essence of the mateial itself: black, straw yellow, then balck again, a small dark spot and then a slight nuance. Material: solid ebony of african origin. Finish: natural oils and wax. Dimensions: 200 x 80 x h 87 cm.