Low polyethylene stool

2525 is available in the Junior version, a comfortable and original chair.The monobloc 2525 stool, characterised by its cone-shaped form, was born for a typical contract setting, ideal to go together with high tables and bar counters, but also for domestic environments as the kitchen area. Its name comes from the shape.Depending on its positioning, the stools form the numbers 2 and 5. Light and convenient to handle, 2525 ensures a high ease of use and, thanks to its unique design, it is easily stackable: making it the only stool on the market with this feature. The special opening is both a footrest that creates dynamism and movement to the whole structure, either a compartment for the bag, eliminating the problem of placing personal items on the ground. In addition, the opening of the stool serves as a grip for easier and manageable moving from one place to another. The excellent quality of 2525 are found not only in its unique design but also in the possibility to brighten it inside with LEDS, transforming this innovative stool to a magical and atmosphere piece of furniture. 2525 fits perfectly indoor and outdoor spaces thanks to its high resistance to UV rays and to atmospheric agents and is available in white, anthracite, red, orange and sand.