Salone del Mobile Milano

A very Milanese aperitif

What could be more Milanese than an aperitif? Probably only a pretension towards sipping it from a cocktail glass inspired by the city’s architecture, and in particular by the iconic Thirties deco villa Villa Necchi Campiglio, a prime example of the architecture of Piero Portaluppi, the brilliant mind behind the Milanese revival of the first half of the Novecento.

Would Agustina Bottoni, the young Argentinian designer who moved to Milan, have had this association of thoughts and images as she worked on her new collection of glasses? Or might she even have found herself in the garden of the villa for the daily Milanese ritual in the presence of those spare, elegant and sober volumes and been hooked? We will probably never know, but her Calici Milanesi collection is clearly a homage to one of the most keenly awaited times of day, a paen to the aperitif as a good reason to meet, to chat and to relax.

The glassware collection consists of three hand-made pieces of borosilicate glass, their geometry reminiscent of the simple, rational yet strongly impactful graphic layout of Villa Necchi Campiglio. Agustina’s highly personal creative process involved first making paper models reproducing the shapes and volumes of the villa before creating the final design for the glasses. “We produced some prototypes, experimenting with the proportions and types of glass – including coloured glass – until we overcame the technical problems and worked with the right proportions”, said the designer. The result is truly delightful and perfect for the contemporary, almost futurist revival of the happy hour.


01. - 07. Calici Milanesi - Photo by Roberto Nino Betancourt
08. Agustina Bottoni - Photo by Giovanni Gastel