Salone del Mobile Milano

Design and the Territory

Completely redesigned, on behalf of the Triennale Design Museum, the top floor of the Villa Reale in Monza, known as the Belvedere, is devoted to a study of design in the Brianza area through no less than five synergetic exhibitions:

Gianfranco Frattini Revisited
Curated by Marco Romanelli

The exhibition focuses on the furniture design career of Gianfranco Frattini (1926-2004), as well as on his incursions into product design and his strong, ongoing involvement with interiors. Made possible by the valued collaboration of the Frattini family, the exhibition contains original material held in public and private collections and company archives exclusively. This is the first international one-man show devoted to Gianfranco Frattini since his death. 

Monza and Arredoluce
Curated by Anty Pansera

The exhibition features a selection of twenty iconic pieces by the now largely and unjustly forgotten Monza-based company, that tell a special story of Italian design. Founded by Angelo Lelii in 1943, Arredoluce was launched officially at the VIII Triennale di Milano in 1947. It immediately brought in famous designers such as the Castiglioni Brothers, Gio Ponti and Ettore Sottsass. Lelii himself designed 90% of the lamps produced by Arredoluce during the Sixties, while forging a fruitful partnership with Nanda Vigo. Angelo Lelii’s adventure drew to a close in 1973. 

Cantù and the Furniture Selective 
Curated by Tiziano Casartelli

Around the mid-1950s, an awareness of the outmoded aesthetics and production methods of the Brianza-based system led a number of Cantù designers to launch the International Furniture Competition, commonly known as the Furniture Selective. The first edition of the Selective caused huge resonance. The high-profile jury, made up of Gio Ponti, Carlo De Carli, Alvar Aalto and Finn Julh, amongst others, assigned first prize to the Swiss architect Werner Blaser. A further 8 editions of the Selective were held, until 1975. This exhibition traces its most important milestones, showcasing original documents and furnishings exclusively.

Lurago d’Erba and Plant Fibres
Curated by Matteo Pirola

Taking the town of Lurago d’Erba as its starting point, the exhibition Lurago d’Erba and Plant Fibres explores the centuries-old history of the processing of natural materials such as rush, rattan, wicker and straw. The first section showcases objects produced in Brianza, Bonacina 1889 in particular, and designed by masters such as Albini, Ponti, Joe Colombo, Umberto Riva and Bruno Munari. The focus then shifts to creators such as Patricia Urquiola, Tom Dixon and the latest generation of designers, like Formafantasma, more than capable of taking this centuries-old story forward with small series and self-production. 

Monza and the Last of the Hatmakers 
Curated by Lorenzo Damiani

Once known as the “city of hats”, Monza has steadily eliminated the production areas that once made it world famous from its surrounding territory, although some parts of the city still bear the names of the great hatmakers of the mid-20th century. The memory of the Brianza hatmakers is now kept alive by one single company, founded in 1952, Vimercati Hats 1952. The company uses felt, with each hat taking between 15 and 21 days to manufacture, allowing the material to rest between the different production stages.

The Belvedere, Villa Reale
1 Viale Brianza, Monza

15th April – 30th September 2018  
Tuesdays - Sundays, 10 a.m. to 7p.m.

Concept: Silvana Annicchiarico / Triennale Design Museum
Art Direction: GB Studio, Milan



1. 1959, terza Selettiva, Frattini, libreria rotante
2. Umberto Riva, Chaise Longue, Vittorio Bonacina, 1960
3. 1969, Arredoluce , Nanda Vigo, Golden Gate
4. The old factory "Vimercati"