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A tiny Russian Dream House

Have you never dreamt a tiny house in the middle of nature? Perhaps to escape the dreadful monotony of the 9 to 6 or the stresses of city life between horns honked and deadlines piling up. It’s about giving in to the temptation of living in the natural landscapes far from the metropolis, where nature writes the rules. This could be the idea behind Torii House, the tiny house – designed by 29 year-old Moscow-based architects Julia Kaptur and Stas Kaptur – that was awarded the second prize in the fourth annual Ryterna Architectural Challenge 2018 Tiny House.

Designing a tiny house may seem like a fairly easy challenge for the average architectural firm but Ryterna really made it a contest by applying some unique constraints on the project. First, the structure had to be no bigger than 25 square meters and was required to feature four primary areas including a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area, and living area. Then, the only outside communication allowed inside the tiny home is electricity. This meant that the designers had to work in a closed system for delivering, processing and re-using water and essentially makes the final product almost off-grid. Ryterna modul threw another monkey wrench in the design process by requiring that the tiny house should be useable all year round; no summer cottages allowed. Finally, the modules had to be designed to be transportable, so crane lifting points had to be integrated into the tiny home.

“We’ve taken part in Ryterna Module Competition because it is a big dream to create space in picturesque, hard-to-reach places such as a river bank, or deep-deep forest,” said the Kapturs. “We like the scale of the project, because it’s possible to design it with nice details. We like the fact that the organizer of this competition is a building company that has the opportunity to realize the projects of architects.”

The modular design of Torii House is divided into four subsections that use shared features and an innovative design to employ space more effectively. The standard house consists of a living room and two rooms on the sides: a bedroom and a kitchen with a bathroom. The bedroom has a bed 2x2 meters, so you can take any position on it, and the fireplace, shared with the living room, will add heat in winter. The kitchen is two meters long and contains all the minimum necessary for a comfortable cooking. The external walls are transparent which allows to enjoy nature from any room and have sliding doors, so you can transform the living room into a summer terrace. Thanks to the modular design of Torii House it is possible to assemble your individual house during the construction phase, or enlarge existing one so that each built house will be unique.