Salone del Mobile Milano

Most Illustrious

Portraits of Masters

What do Achille Castiglioni, Riccardo Dalisi, Michele De Lucchi and Alessandro Mendini all have in common? While the answer appears simple – they are all “pieces” of the history of Italian design – this definition is even more true today, thanks to the delicate, ironic and affectionate touch of a young designer, Elena Salmistraro, who has turned them into the protagonists of her latest collection. 

The Most Illustrious collection of ceramic three-dimensional figures by Bosa is a genuine tribute and thank-you to the masters of Italian design. Exquisitely decorated in coloured glaze, the figures contain a small space in which objects can be stored. The four figures are thus totemic objects that encapsulate the distinctive features of the designers and the works that have made them world famous, underscoring the unique relationship that builds up between a designer and his projects: “we are what we create.” 

As Elena Salmistraro says: “Most Illustrious is a gift to those who, albeit unknowingly, have contributed so greatly to the way I perceive design. Their commitment and their output have shaped and educated my views and my taste; like true masters, there has been no need for them to introduce themselves, talk about or discuss their ideas in order to stand out; the energy of their creations was enough to make me understand who they really were and what their vision was, which shows that every designer is basically what he or she creates. I enjoyed mixing the colours, stacking up objects and shapes, to concoct a kind of tribute that aims to very modestly show them how I see them.”



01. Most Illustrious - Bosa Ceramiche
02. Michele De Lucchi, Most Illustrious
03. Achille Castiglioni, Most Illustrious 
04. Riccardo Dalisi, Most Illustrious 
05. Alessandro Mendini, Most Illustrious 
06. Elena Salmistraro