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Oiva Toikka’s Birds

Linnut in Finnish means little bird and, all over the world, Oiva Toikka means Finland. That would be enough to tell a story that goes back decades and decades: birds in Northern Europe are good omens. They bring good luck. Their lightness and their enduring beauty and their total immersion in nature are values shared and often interpreted by Finnish design. 

Oiva Toikka, the undisputed 87-year-old master, has encapsulated the spirit and feelings of a whole nation by designing a different bird each year since 1972 for the historic Iittala glassworks. Annina Koivu had this to say: “The pieces in the Birds by Toikka collection, often inspired by birds that exist in nature, but which sometimes spring from the artist’s imagination, include examples … such as pigeons, ducks, owls, pheasants, tomtits and finches,” which have become collectors’ items. Naturally, though, these are made of mouth-blown glass, individually made, and therefore particularly fragile and exclusive. This is where Magis’ know how comes in: given the extraordinary result obtained by rotomoulding polycarbonate, combining transparent and opaque sheets and then adding different coloured granules, the company decided to commission Oiva Toikka to create a new collection of his Birds, in total agreement and partnership with Iittala; this time, however, they are large, luminous, and economic, and also suitable for a younger public: Sulo, Pallas, Siiri, Kirassi and Palturi are the names of the five volatiles that have migrated from Finland to Italy.


01. Birds by Toikka
02. Kirassi, Siiri - Photo by Alessandro Paderni
03. Pallas - Photo by Alessandro Paderni
04. Palturi - Photo by Alessandro Paderni
05. Sulo - Photo by Alessandro Paderni
06. Oiva Toikka