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100X100 Achille

100 anonymous objects contributed by 100 designers as donations to the 100 Years of Achille Castiglioni exhibition

On 16th February 2018, Achille Castiglioni would have been 100 years old. The Foundation that bears his name organised a celebration to mark his birthday. Designers from all over the world came to his studio at 27 Piazza Castello, preceded by a gift. A modest and perforce anonymous gift, chosen from the thousands of unsigned objects shaped by human creativity over the years. “Design without designers”, basically, as a homage to one of the greatest Italian designers. It is well known that Achille loved collecting these sorts of objects, obsessively conserving them museum-fashion in glass cabinets in his studio and sometimes using them as sources of inspiration, more often as examples of “good design”. Suddenly, and all at once, the hundreds of pairs of scissors, lighters, measuring tools, knives, nets, drawing pins, eggcups, toys, spectacles, bulbs, hooks, hammers, slippers and fragments of all sorts of things were joined by: a mousetrap (Ingo Maurer), a croupier’s palette (Marco Zito), a bird scarer (Paolo Rizzatto), a straw-wrapped wine flask, (Marco Romanelli and Giuseppe Basile), a water bowl for hummingbirds (Giorgio Bonaguro), a wire wool scourer (Jonathan Olivares), some dice (Lorenzo Damiani), a tool for harvesting prickly pears (Diego Grandi) and so much more … up to 100 objects, more than 100! 

Dear Achille, you’ll have your work cut out organising all these new things! Some will make you smile, others will prompt an “I’ve already got one” that you will be too polite to say out loud. Meanwhile, from the lofty heights of your hundred years, you have sent us another message (needed now more than ever): “If you’re not curious, don’t bother! If you’re not interested in other people, being a designer is not the career for you!” 
100 thanks, Achille!  

Curated by: Chiara Alessi and Domitilla Dardi 
Display: Studio Calvi and Brambilla
Graphics: Davide Soldarini (Casostudio) 
Catalogue: Edizioni Corraini

Achille Castiglioni Foundation
27 Piazza Castello 7, Milan
Until 30th June 2018
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