The Manifesto

The Manifesto
The Salone del Mobile explores its values, its deep-rooted connection with Milan and the companies, brands and designers that have made it a world leader. Designing a high quality, innovative and creative future.

The Salone del Mobile, which has its roots in Milan, endeavours to condense and underscore its strong points and its connections with the city, in a bid to carry forward the process of internationalisation that both have embraced, and to flag up design concepts to the design community for imminent use. Launched in 2018, the Manifesto of the Salone del Mobile.Milano is an affectionate tribute to the city, a declaration of intent geared to channelling the powers that be in Milan to work together to preserve the leadership role of both the trade fair and of the city, and attract ideas, projects and new resources. In 2019 it was amplified with a new word, “ingenuity.”

Why the Salone del Mobile is not just a trade fair.

The Salone and the cultural identity of Milan

“Milan at the centre,” one of the points identified in the Salone del Mobile Manifesto, is now a reality. Top Italian city for quality of life in 2018. ‘Best City 2019’ in a prestigious British magazine. The first choice of so many Italian and foreign designers, Milan is the European city above all others that has worked to further culture, to foster the exchange of ideas, to take ownership of contemporary urgencies and to have the strength and courage to change radically over just a few years thanks to the powerful cohesion and coherence of its citizens. Today it is a global city, dynamic, contemporary, innovative and brimming with opportunities.

The Salone del Mobile.Milano is the best possible example of an event able to create and support this identity. Increasingly global, open and in dialogue with the institutions and the manufacturing system, the Salone is above all else a meeting place, a hub of experimentation, a platform for quality, and a podium not just for business but also for culture. Year after year it creates a bridge with Milan’s most symbolic places: Brera, La Scala, the Triennale. Pulling together, demonstrating Milan’s unanimity in promoting beauty, welcoming and building an exceptional future.

This is the opinion of James Bradburne, Director General of the Pinacoteca di Brera; Alexander Pereira, CEO and Artistic Director of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan; and the architects Steven Holl and Neri & Hu.

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