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Vertigo | Arcade Cocktail Table

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arcade cocktail table with stools for man cave

Vertigo | Arcade Cocktail Table

Vertigo, is the new Arcade Game Table for videogames. Vismara revisited, in a modern way, a game with a vintage flavor dear to the 70-80s. Its main feature is the unusual arrangement of the screens, placed horizontally on the table top, differing from the typical Arcade Cabinet.

The design is modern, with soft and essential lines, perfect to furnish contemporary interiors.

The Samsung 42-inch LCD screen is recessed under a lacquered tempered glass, and is divided into two parts, one per player. Both game stations are provided by 24kt gold plated buttons and joysticks


An Arcade Cocktail Table cannot be defined complete without the right players seats.

Vismara offers Astro, a comfortable height-adjustable stool with steel base and leather covered seat. The seat is enriched by an embroidered geometric pattern, which recalls the interiors of luxury cars.

videogames table in grey colour with samsung screen

Vertigo | Arcade Cocktail Table

swivel leather stool camel colour and gold

Astro | Swivel Stool

videogames table with double LCD screen

Vertigo | Arcade Cocktail Table

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