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Visionnaire - Osborne boiserie

Osborne boiserie design Mauro Lipparini

The Osborne boiserie is a sartorial interpretation of the wall that can be equipped and compatible with the various functions of the habitat: technology, functionality, aesthetics and aggregability, are some of the meanings of this project. It is a true expression of interior architecture.

Osborne is a very performing second-skin wall, both in scenographic terms, aesthetic-stylistic signs of rich expression, and functional. It immediately stands out for its soft shapes, bold lines and furrows in the surface, tracing back to signs of tribal rites, marked on a dark, amber, deep and luminous skin.

Designed by
Mauro Lipparini
Visionnaire - Osborne boiserie
“I like the idea of a culture of dream, of the imaginary, of deep Africa, a new force, inspirational and magnetic. Signs and designs that approach an ancestral dimension, rediscovering the pleasure of the uniqueness of diversity. Osborne is a free, instinctive, non conforming project from a distant background, rich in traditions, customs, habits, powerful and elegant settings. It is a new story to be expressed in primitive signs, in a new, unique way of telling the decor, in its most architectural form, the boiserie."

M. Lipparini
Visionnaire - Osborne boiserie

Visionnaire - Osborne boiserie frontal view

Visionnaire - Osborne boiserie

Visionnaire - Osborne boiserie lateral view

Visionnaire - Osborne boiserie

Visionnaire - Osborne boiserie detail

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Visionnaire - Osborne boiserie
Visionnaire - Osborne boiserie
Descrizione del prodotto
Wall-mounting system designed upon request; it consists of wooden panels with curved profiles, alternating convex and concave shapes, shelves and backlit profiles. Each profile or shelf has an edge in stainless steel. It can be wall mounted by means of pre-assembled slats and panels. Equipped with diffused light and under-shelves lights. Metal parts can be lacquered in any colour of the polished metal finish selection; wood parts can be finished with any veneer of the veneer selection or with RAL/NCS colour lacquering.

Important notes
Standard height 260 cm
Minimum module width 150 cm - maximum 250 cm
Visionnaire - Osborne boiserie
Product name



Mauro Lipparini


Steel, Wood


wall-mounted, equipped, modular

480x34 H.260 cm


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