Egadi Collection

The backrest structure characterizes the seat

Three different shapes, three models that differ from each other even if starting from the same creative principle, named after the three islands that give rise to the beautiful and unique Egadi archipelago. 

Designed by
Rodolfo Dordoni
Rodolfo Dordoni
Sometimes I start from the detail. It’s as if it were the origin of the process. It might be an element, but also the material itself which becomes the starting point. Whenever I design, I do so by hand, all of my designs are born in this way. The project is always elaborated through sketches. It couldn’t be any other way because it’s by using my hand that I’m able to materialize in my mind the 3D version of what I’m imagining.
Designing a new product makes our profession an accompaniment, a sort of softening of things, it’s like a piece of advice. Being a designer means continuing to design, designing desires and anything that surrounds them. While temperamentally I may be an island, reserved and reluctant, professionally I like sharing my thoughts. I’m a demanding person, on myself and others, but I’m sensitive and easily moved. I’m moved inside. A well done project, be it mine or someone else’s, makes me happy. I enjoy working in this way.

The Egadi series is characterized by a well-balanced mix of elements: the upholstered parts, the backrest and the light and proportioned seat, look as if they were floating on the robust, solid-ash wood structure, that clearly shows the design of the frame and enhances the unique craftsmanship of the wood. An harmonious counterpoint that makes the collection perfect for elegant and sober spaces. 

The chairs of the collections are offered with three different  backrests: a lighter tub-chair and two higher backrests with or without armrests,  differences  that help to meet a variety of needs – in terms of versatility – in the contract world.

very wood - egadi 01, 21

Egadi 01 dining chair | Egadi 21 dining armchair

very wood - egadi 02, 01

Egadi 02 dining armchair | Egadi 01 dining chair

very wood - egadi 21

Egadi 21 dining armchair

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