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Lumina - Vuesse Design

Technology, clean-cut lines, flexibility and stylistic research: these are the features of Lumina, the new Scavolini kitchen designed by Vuesse.

A sophisticated solution with a powerful theatrical presence, boasting extreme attention to detail and designed for those who like to surround themselves with bold furniture.

The company’s ongoing exploration through the universe of colour variations has led to the introduction of new finishes, available in three pearl-effect colours, capable of shaping each solution with a modern and stylish design. In addition to expanding the (glossy and matt) lacquered range, the latest colour variations are also offered in a distinctive vertical slat version that is complemented by an even more sophisticated proposal that includes four new veneered colours, from natural shades to deep blacks, capable of portraying every contemporary setting.

From a stylistic point of view, the key element of the model is the 45° slanted door for enhanced grip ergonomics combined with two types of recessed grip profile (Round and Flat) and, to meet the revamped aesthetic and functional requirements, a 75 cm modularity has been introduced for the base units; this innovation is a fascinating alternative to the standard 60 cm width and affords greater versatility to the project, making it perfect for fitting in the latest generation of built-in appliances.

The ideal combination of functionality and aesthetics is also emphasised by the perforated sheet metal elements (Round and Linear with exclusive Scavolini design) for wall units or for resting or hanging sliding elements. The interior lighting and the “now you see me now you don’t” effect of the texture adds style and character to the compositions.

The Lumina solution ensures the utmost freedom of composition when creating all kinds of settings - in line, island, corner or peninsula - taking into account the available space, each featuring an extremely clean-cut and minimalist silhouette. Lumina has a strong personality that emphasises a harmonious balance of dimensions, shapes, finishes and materials.