PALLADIO Console basin

Category: Washbasins

Sbordoni 1910 - Palladio console basin with ceramic pedestal.

Palladio console basin with ceramic pedestal. Polished Brass finished tap and accessories.

Palladio console basin with backboard and splash plate.

The Palladio line was conceived in the 1940’s by Alessandro Sbordoni, who drew inspiration from the trends in vogue at the beginning of the 20th century. Palladio’s sinuous and smooth forms lead us directly into the world of Art Nouveau, the artistic movement also known as the Liberty style. Its elegance lies in the harmony of enveloping lines and perfect proportions. Ceramic acquires smoothness and bends into sinuous shapes.

Sbordoni 1910 - Palladio wash basin with metal stand.

Palladio wash basin with Polished Brass finished metal stand.

Sbordoni 1910- Palladio washbasin.

Palladio washbasin.

Sbordoni 1910 - Palladio washbasin with ceramic brackets.

Palladio washbasin with ceramic brackets.

Sbordoni 1910 - Palladio washbasin with ceramic legs.

Palladio washbasin with ceramic legs.

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