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Astro - Astro Twist

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Quadrifoglio Group - Astro e Astro Twist

Astro and Astro Twist by Quadrifoglio Group are a family of modular and customisable seats, tables and pouffes with two opposite but complementary souls, to furnish waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, lounge areas, coworking or living spaces.

The Astro concept revolves around the linear and orthogonal planes that give the pieces a classic and traditional flavour. It has also evolved into Astro Twist which, as the name suggests, has a curvilinear design that adds a touch of softness to its surroundings. In Astro Twist, the upholstered modules and support surfaces are concave and convex: when positioned sequentially, they create ellipses for dynamic and original configurations. 

Elegant and functional as single seats or pouffes, Astro and Astro Twist lend themselves to unique compositions through a coupling system. Thanks to the varied range of elements, they can be used to create infinite projects for every type of space, alternating linear modules with concave and convex modules or creating coils and semicircles, also for large-scale solutions. 

The slender legs – in white painted aluminium, aluminium, shadow grey or chrome – support the polyurethane upholstery, which can be customised with a wide variety of materials – imitation leather, leather, wool, fabric, eco-sustainable fabric, velvet – and a rich colour palette.

Astro and Astro Twist herald new horizons in the living and lounge areas of business or hospitality environments, accommodating different sizes and styles for conviviality in comfort and design.

Quadrifoglio Group - Astro e Astro Twist
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Quadrifoglio Group - Astro e Astro Twist
Product description
It is a collection with calibrated proportions and clean aesthetics that focuses on configurability and comfort, a free choice of coverings and attention to detail to achieve the desired style.
Quadrifoglio Group - Astro e Astro Twist
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Astro - Astro Twist


Quadrifoglio Group


Cotton, Eco-leather, Wool, Aluminium