Ozzio Italia-SVEVA

SVEVA, Design: Marco Pozzoli

Sveva & Milo, armchair and stool with soft and cosy shapes turn into a collection of seats ready to satisfy every taste and need.

Ozzio Italia-SVEVA


A family of armchairs with a soft and cosy seat, presented with different covers. The seams on the backrest design the shapes and let the softness shine through. Different bases, both in design and material, offer multiple possibilities of combinations to satisfy every environment and circumstance.

Ozzio Italia-SVEVA

SVEVA, Design: Marco Pozzoli

Ozzio Italia-STELLA

STELLA, Design: Marco Pozzoli

Ozzio Italia-SALLY

SALLY, Design: Marco Pozzoli

Ozzio Italia-SELENA

SELENA, Design: Marco Pozzoli

Ozzio Italia-SIRIA

SIRIA, Design: Marco Pozzoli

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Ozzio Italia-MILO


A family of comfortable stools made for a friendly and modern living. The Milo, Morfeo, Morgan, Morris and Marlon stools have in common a cosy padded seat and a stitching that makes their softness upholstery very appealing. Several bases, fixed and adjustable with gas piston, give them different personalities, which can be further customized in finishes.


Ozzio Italia-MILO

MILO, Design: Marco Pozzoli

Ozzio Italia-MORFEO

MORFEO, Design: Marco Pozzoli

Ozzio Italia-MORRIS

MORRIS, Design: Marco Pozzoli

Ozzio Italia-MARLON

MARLON, Design: Marco Pozzoli

Ozzio Italia-MORGAN

MORGAN, Design: Marco Pozzoli

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