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Opinion Ciatti - Axis

A revolutionary kitchen since 1986.

he Axis kitchen system is based on a concept that is as innovative as it is elementary: breaking down the main functional nuclei of the kitchen into autonomous elements that can be re-assembled as needed.

The possibility of integrating food preparation, cooking and tasting in a single structure makes this system the ideal protagonist not only of innovative homes but also of multifunctional spaces. Inside as well as outside. A project of rigor and simplicity made of materials and finishes chosen for their ability to maximize the professionalism of those who use them.

An intuition of 1986 so far-sighted that it is still profoundly relevant today.

Designed by
Marco Duina e Bruno Pozzi
Opinion Ciatti - Axis
Descrizione prodotto
Disaggregated kitchen. Structure in satin stainless steel 304 AISI.
Top in polished stainless steel 304 AISI, mat white Carrara marble, glacier white Corian®, walnut.
Carter in stainless steel 304 AISI with satin finish, for 1 or 2 sinks.
Acqua: faucet with separate hot-cold taps, extractable shower head, turning knobs in red lacquered metal fusion. Exclusive production.
Opinion Ciatti - Axis
Product name



Marco Duina e Bruno Pozzi


Steel, Corian, Wood, Marble



Lenght: from 150 cm.
Top depht: 70 cm.
Height of the worktop: 88 cm.

Consult the technical data sheet to know all the available sizes.


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Opinion Ciatti - Axis
The possibility of integrate cooking and tasting phases in just one unit makes Axis an ideal protagonist, not only inside strongly innovative houses but also in poIyfunctional spaces.
Opinion Ciatti - Axis

Axis - bridge structure with stainless steel top

Opinion Ciatti - Axis

Axis - bridge structure with stainless steel sink top and circular Carrara marble top

Opinion Ciatti - Axis

Axis - composition in stainless steel, wood and Carrara marble tops

Opinion Ciatti - Axis

Axis - white laquered stainless steel top and Corian top

Opinion Ciatti - Axis

Axis - wellness version

Opinion Ciatti - Axis

Axis wall - wall version

Opinion Ciatti - Axis

Axis - Acqua faucet 

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