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Lea, designed by Paolo Vernier, 2019

Lea takes with her the unmistakable signature of Paolo Vernier, designer and President of Midj. From his idea takes shape a single collection able to create authentic and welcoming atmospheres in the different environments of contemporary living. 

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Lea collection

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Lea collection

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Lea collection

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Lea collection

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Lea collection is characterized by a slender metal structure, with legs with a characteristic conical shape, inspired by the dizzying gracefulness of the legs of a ballet dancer. Other elements that define the products of the collection identically are the conjunction between the base and the perimeter ring and the remarkable softness of the comfortable padding. 

The Lea collection includes chair, armchair, stool, lounge armchair, two-seater sofa, pouf, coffee table, table and sideboard.



Designed by
Paolo Vernier
Paolo Vernier designer and founder of Midj