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Bar Rendeiras by Pedro Franco per A LOT OF Brasil

Bar Rendeiras by Pedro Franco per A LOT OF Brasil

Cabinet Rendeiras with painted steel frame - laser cut doors - design Pedro Franco para A LOT OF Brasil

The concept of the new collection by designer Pedro Franco was born from the desire to create a counterpoint to the great Matrix network and to Artificial Intelligence.
To do so, it uses as a basis the handmade wefts characterized by Brazilian LACE.
As the constant guideline of his work, the concept of "Glo-cality" is present
LACE arrived in Brazil through the Portuguese royal family in the 18th century. Since then, it has gained authority through different artisan communities. More than a national identity, it gained a shape with regional characteristics.
Today, it is possible to determine the origin of an income based on the type of plot of its shape.

In the current collection, Poltrona Underconstruction becomes a platform for amplifying the work of the Bahia artisan Ana Caires. His Cross Stitch embroidery technique is applied to the various strips that make up the armchair.

Experimentalism is present in the new technology developed, that of eternalization.
Lace mined by Franco and coming from different Brazilian regions are eternalized in copper bath.
An eternalization of local iconography

Finally, demonstrating a possible and necessary coexistence, the Aparador Renascença shows the various beauties of high-tech versus handmade.
If in one version the design of the authorial lace by Pedro Franco is faithfully translated by the use of high technology of CNC laser cutting, in another version it gains the improvisation and co-creation of the artisan Fafá (from Registro in the interior of São Paulo) with strong personality
A healthy tension showing the beauty and the possibility of a harmonious coexistence between the technological and the manual.
Design as a platform for local, manual and industrial values.

Designed by
Pedro Franco
Pedro Franco

He is considered one of the greatest exponents of the Brazilian design in the current days. In addition to his authorial creations, he is the founder and the art director of the industry A Lot of Brasil, a pioneer in the edition and manufacture of pieces on Brazilian soil signed by global designers.

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Bar Rendeiras by Pedro Franco per A LOT OF Brasil
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Bar Rendeiras by Pedro Franco per A LOT OF Brasil
Bar Rendeiras by Pedro Franco per A LOT OF Brasil
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Bar Rendeiras


Pedro Franco



Widht 1000
Length 400