Ossido Verderame

Laminam Ossido Verderame



Size 1000x3000

Thicknesses  Laminam 3+  Laminam 5

The Verderame finish, the latest addition to the Ossido series, is conceived for the most unconventional designers.

 Combining art, creativity and superior quality, the Verderame texture confirms Laminam's affinity with the world of design and its vocation for aesthetic experimentation. Based on the artistic intuition of the innovative Fluidosolido Blu Lucidato surface and the experience of the Filo series, the new surface is suggested to daring interior designers to allow them new solutions in the most audacious projects.

Laminam Ossido Verderame

Verderame is part of the Ossido series, our series that simulate the effects that atmospheric agents have imprinted upon a ubiquitous material of natural ecosystems: iron.