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Soave by Sebastian Herkner

The distinguishing feature of this collection of armchairs and sofas is the use of an elliptic shape in a number of ways. As well as being layered to form a base and a seat, it is curved into a backrest, which may be more discreet, more enveloping or asymmetrical.

The rounded corners and the slender, simple metal legs give a soft, light feel to Soave, which has a consistently understated nature. When complemented by the small support table, it is perfect for all uses in the contract market and exhibition venues.

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LaCividina, Soave by Sebastian Herkner

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LaCividina, Soave by Sebastian Herkner

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LaCividina, Soave by Sebastian Herkner

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LaCividina, Soave by Sebastian Herkner

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Descrizione del prodotto
Soave is a range of armchairs and sofas that come in numerous sizes, but all share a common trait: limited depth, which makes them the ideal solution for the contract and residential market. Here it places itself as an iconic element and gives character to the living space.
A single module with a simple, soft and clean-cut shape, that can be arranged in layers to form the base and seat, or masterfully reclined and curved to provide the backrest, which is available either in a symmetrical version or with an armrest on just one side.
The slender, understated metal legs emphasize the overall lightness and the same is true of the coffee table top, which looks like it is simply resting on the frame. The style of the accessory, available in marble or MDF, reflects the rest of the set and it features the same “soap-like” form of the pieces.
Soave can either be all the same colour or have different materials covering the backrest, seat and base. In both cases, it offers padded furnishing solutions with strong personalities that are steeped in unadulterated, contemporary style.
LaCividina, Soave scheda tecnica
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