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IOC project partners - Corvetto

Corvetto, design by Raffaella Mangiarotti

Corvetto is a minimal, functional table that's ideal to be used for a variety of activities and environments. Easy to arrange and position, it makes reorganising spaces to suit different needs a doddle.

IOC project partners - Corvetto

Corvetto tables, with their harmonious, compact form, make a perfect additional side table for any environment. Bright and colourful, they bring cheerfulness to the room. 

The top precisely follows the form of the compact base, giving the piece a delightful sense of harmony. 

Its metal structure can be epoxy powder-coated or brass-plated, whilst the top is available in lacquered wood or back-painted glass.

IOC project partners - Corvetto

Corvetto, practical and functional side table

IOC project partners - Corvetto

Corvetto, back-painted glass top

IOC project partners - Corvetto

Corvetto, white back-painted glass top

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Product Overview
Corvetto is a minimal and functional object, slim but strong with an overhanging top that can be moved to offer occasional support to various activities and in different contexts. On its own or in small groups, it quickly organises the accessory and service space. The side table has its compositional harmony thanks to the similar shapes for both rounded faces: the compact base and the wide top.
The frame can be white, grey, black painted or brass, while the top is available in back-painted glass or lacquered.
Product name



Raffaella Mangiarotti


Iron, Wood, Glass

L: 550 mm - 22’’
D: 295 mm - 12’’
H: 550 mm - 22’’
Production process
The lower plate is laser cut and mechanically attached to the upper plate via a metal rod. The table top is glued to the upper plate. The entire piece is epoxy powder-coated.
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CorvettoSalone del mobile

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Designed by
Raffaella Mangiarotti
IOC project partners - Raffaella Mangiarotti
"I thought that in my house to work I would need a functional and aesthetic table – useful when you work on the sofa with your PC, even when you want to have a coffee."

"I don't like technical PC tables near the sofa, I find them out of place. I wanted one that was functional but with a domestic and elegant aesthetic."