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Graypants continues to push and evolve expressions of our iconic Scraplights. Introducing Hewn, a linear shape that is as beautiful as it is hardworking. As a task light, Hewn will deliver more illumination than some of our other Scraplights expressions and the shape is very suitable over a desk, dining table or kitchen island. Hewn is handmade in Graypants’ Seattle studio as well as in Amsterdam, and currently available globally. 

With Hewn linear, Graypants means to add a tactile and creative addition to a mundane field of task lighting, offering a beautiful light for all kinds of spaces. 

Hewn reflects a texture created using a new cutting process where layers of the shade are cut parallel to the flutes of the cardboard versus the perpendicular cut lines of our other shapes. This cutting process was intentional allowing us to build something beautiful and textural while also being fully opaque. Serving a wide range of brightness preferences, Hewn is dimmable and performs very well in both a home environment or commercial space. Hewn is available in three finishes–Natural, White and Blonde–and several lengths and heights.

Hewn Linear 48 – Direct Lighting | Size 4,8,12
Hewn Linear 48 – Direct/Indirect – Dual Circuit | Size 8,12
Hewn Linear 48 – Direct/Indirect – Single Circuit | Size 8,12

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