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Gommaire Armchair Faye

Gommaire's Indoor Armchair Faye offers both comfort and style with its teak fume frame and customizable upholstery. The Armchair Faye is a statement piece that exudes elegance and refinement, making it the perfect addition to any interior design scheme.

Experience the timeless elegance of GOMMAIRE, featuring a collection of interior and exterior furniture and decorative items. Every design and material reflects our signature organic accent, offering a unique touch to any space.

Gommaire Armchair Faye, Table/Desk Norman, Cabinet Vincent and Vase Viviane

Armchair Faye | Table/Desk Norman | Cabinet Vincent | Vase Viviane 

Gommaire Armchair Faye, Table Archie Large, Cabinet Ambrose and Pot Ken

Armchair Faye | Table Archie Large | Cabinet Ambrose | Pot Ken 

Gommaire Armchair Faye and Round Table Floor

Armchair Faye | Round Table Floor 

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