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TXT arm awning

TXT is the arm awning characterized by a uniquely designed box, LED lighting system and frontal flyer, born from the collaboration with the design studio MeneghelloPaolelli Associati.

TXT is the arm awning in a box with an edgy design, characterized by the particular texture of parallel elements able to decorate the three-dimensional space and at the same time camouflage the visible technical elements.

A true architectural element, TXT is the arm awning designed to define and enhance the external vertical surfaces of a building. With its imposing dimensions and unusual look, it is the perfect solution for modern and avant-garde architectures.

The new Edge 75 arms allow a variable inclination from -10 to -45 degrees, reach significant projections and allow to bring the LED lighting also in the front of the blind, as well as along the bottom of the box. It is wall-mounted and motor-driven. A front roll-up Volant is also available in TXT, perfect for shading from the sun in the afternoon and evening hours.

Winner of the 2020 Red Dot Design Award.

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TXT arm awning
TXT arm awning
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Designed by
Meneghello Paolelli Associati
MeneghelloPaolelli Associati
TXT tenda a bracci
Product Overview
TXT tenda a bracci
Product name



MeneghelloPaolelli Associati




with case, with integrated lighting, motorized

L max 710 cm x S max 400cm
Production process
Each TXT is custom created, tailored to the design requirements of the client. You can customize TXT with a range of 30 paint colors and hundreds of different fabrics.