Loll Modular

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Loll Modular - Gervasoni

The beauty of simplicity and comfort.

A project in which comfort and functionality are perfectly expressed through the creation of ever-new compositions.

Designed by
Paola Navone

Loll is a model that exudes contemporary comfort, rendered truly special by its attention to detail, high-quality materials and unique craftsmanship, such as the profile of the sofas accentuated by the characteristic overlock stitching which, like a delicate stroke drawn freehand, follows the collection’s minimal geometry and soft lines.

Thanks to modules with different shapes and to the particular design of the corner elements it is possible to create unusual compositions, suitable to any type of domestic and contract environment.

Loll, configuration 1

Loll Modular, Configuration 1

Loll, configuration 3

Loll Modular, Configuration 3

Loll, configuration 6

Loll Modular, Configuration 6

Loll, configuration 8

Loll Modular, Configuration 8

Loll, configuration 9/bis

Loll Modular, Configuration 9/bis

Loll, configuration 10

Loll Modular, Configuration 10

Loll, configuration 11

Loll Modular, Configuration 11

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