Teca B

Teca B

Model with black linear frame and custom internal fitting.

Built-in model from the Teca collection. The built-in installation gives it a “seamless” look that is a viable alternative to traditional freestanding cellars. Built-in installation and reduced depth make Teca B suitable even for dining rooms, living rooms and kitchens. Teca B comes with its frame and is easy to install in recesses or unused spaces.

Teca B

Total black. Black customization for interiors and external details is available on request.

Teca B
Teca B misure
Product Overview
Aluminium structure
HPL / MDF frame
Sliding doors in double glass –
anti-UV protection
Lock with key
Sides and top panels polyurethane foam

Aluminium interior
Cold white daylight LED
(3000 K - 30 led/mt - 1,12 W / mt - 130 lumen / mt)
Inverter compressor
Static and ventilated refrigeration
Digital temperature controller
Automatic defrosting and automatic evaporation system
Anti-vibration system
Heated rails
Rechargeable active carbon filter
Teca B misure
Product name

Teca B


Massimo Cicerchia


Aluminium, Wood, Glass

Official website

https://www.expohome.it/enSalone del mobile