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Estel Group Collaborative Room

All items feature:

– VENTILATION SYSTEM: solutions spread from an efficient and economic system of ventilators, to a VMC system managed with a smartphone app, that controls CO2, humidity and temperature inside the room, and optimizes air quality;
– LIGHTING: warm white LED bars with illumination level about 500 lux and easy electrical connections;
– ACOUSTICS: special sound-absorbing materials, and efficient acoustic solutions on doors, allow a noise reduction of 35 dB (inside to outside).

Main structure (in aluminium) is available in Carbon Glacè or White Snow finishing. Thanks to its capability to create small enclosed and multi-purpose spaces, Collaborative Room plays a key-role in the contemporary Smart Office.

Collaborative Room, phone booths and meeting Pods for Open Plan Offices

Collaborative Room is a modular product, available in thirteen different sizes: thanks to a variety of dimensions, ranging from an area of 1 up to 15 square meters, it can accommodate up to 12 people.

It is possible to arrange the interior by using products from Estel collections such as tables, chairs, armchairs and video-meeting stations according to client’s needs.

The brand new modular freestanding box designed for open space work environments features aluminum structure, glass walls and internal soundproof upholstered panels.

Collaborative Room is available in 13 different sizes – from 1 to 15 sqm – and can accommodate up to 12 people.
Each solution can be furnished in many ways, based on functions and layout needs.
The sound absorption is guaranteed up to 34dB and the electrification system is integrated with dimmable LED light – activated by a presence sensors.
A VMC ventilation system permit to control temperature, humidity and CO2 levels inside the box thanks to an App.