DresswallStripes LN8

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DresswallStripes LN8

DresswallStripes is a modular integrated slats system — a new language enabling those who give meaning to spaces, turning them into places.

The baffles used within our system, what we call Stripes, are manufactured in lightweight aluminum and are characterized by an extremely high degree of adaptability to the designer’s vision thanks to an array of 8 different profiles and 21 finishes.

DresswallStripes LN8
Product Overview
• Extruded aluminum profile, linear section w/ 8-35mm Bases and 120mm Height
​​​​​​​• Weight 1.293 kg/mt
• Minimum interaxial spacing pitch 65mm (30mm spacing)
• Maximum stripe length 6mt, multiple junctions possible through retractable intersection to grant easy removal of every single stripe
• Optional stripe closing cap thickness 1.5mm
• Available in 21 finishes
DresswallStripes LN8
Product name

DresswallStripes LN8





Product sheet

dresswall.com/stripes/Salone del mobile

DresswallStripes LN8
DresswallStripes LN8
DresswallStripes LN8
Salone del mobile Salone del mobile