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The demand for flexible working hours and forms of organization determines our work-life balance more than ever. A little creative pause for thought during the exchange with colleagues is just as much a part of it as a brilliant idea briefly typed into the laptop when arriving in the hotel lobby. The world between work and break becomes more and more fluid - so now it's a matter of designing workspaces to accommodate several aspects of our lives.

Endless Co-Working Spaces

If your own battery should ever get into the red zone, these small niches also serve as a place of retreat - and if the batteries of your work equipment run out, the creative minds have thought of everything: sockets at the bottom of the partitions or table applications ensure that the power never runs out.

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile
Product description
The DS-601 takes the next step in separating rooms and combines the passion for design and material with which our master craftsmen have been breathing life into the world-famous sculptures in the Klingnau manufactory since 1965. The partition walls and table elements open a new chapter in the modular upholstery system. The partitions allow small retreat niches and at the same time offer a new model of co-working in public spaces. With the added power supply, the DS-601 becomes an all-rounder for workers who do not want to sacrifice their work-life balance.
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Sven Adolph

Production process
Sven Adolph's new concept meets the modern requirements for furniture that can be perfectly used as a co-working space. Work and seating comfort are directly linked and can alternately create the right work-life balance - and, if desired, completely undisturbed by the person sitting next to you through the sophisticated partitions that stylishly separate the individual segments.


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