Shapes - pannelli acustici

Trix - Shapes

Shapes: acoustic comfort, design and sustainability. An acoustic panel made from PET waste (plastic bottles) that takes shape around the rooms to be furnished, creating geometric and color games.

SHAPES offers modular acoustic panels in thickness 30 or 50 mm that allow the freedom to play on the surfaces with a 3D effect, being able to conform in various geometries: square, rectangle, triangle, rhombus.

All elements are Green Friendly, made from recycled and recyclable raw materials, moisture resistant and with washable surface.

The use of Rombix and Rombix plus in the environments contribute to the achievement of the Leed classification.

Shapes panels can be mounted on the ceiling, on walls, on the doors of storage cabinet partitions, or suspended from the ceiling with the integration of lighting systems, creating a sort of acoustic chandelier.

Shapes - Cuf Milano
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Shapes is a panel that fits every situation: it can even be realized on a completely custom-made design, always maintaining its sound-absorbing peculiarities. It can also be produced with antibacterial fabric.

Shapes - Cuf Milano