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Cesar - unit in Fenix Rosso Jaipur

Unit, design by Garcia Cumini

Unit is a dynamic, airy planning system that is not limited by wall constraints.

It is a perfect blend of professionalism and domestic warmth, technology and tradition. Pictures with multi-faceted personalities are created by mixing and matching the finishes of the structures with those of the 2,2 cm thick doors. The aluminium structures mark off three sides of each single volume, creating the Units.

Designed by
Garcia Cumini
cesar  - unit
Cesar - Unit

Unit | Acciaio Ossidato metallic effect lacquered, Fenix Rosso Jaipur laminate.

Cesar -  Unit

Unit | Laguna silk-effect lacquer, Noce Canaletto wood, Grigio Amani marble.

Cesar - Unit

Unit | Bianco silk-effect lacquer, Hanex N-White.

Cesar - Unit

Unit | Titanio structured lacquer, Inox matt stainless steel

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Freedom is the most important thing in life - freedom to evolve, to adapt, to experience new ways, new cultures, new people. Freedom to create, freedom to explore oneself. Technology helps in our search for freedom. However, we all need a reference point, a warm place, a place to move around in and explore. And in the end, any journey takes us back home.
Cesar - Unit
Product Overview
The graceful shapes, a soft yet well-defined aesthetic, the absence of sharp edges, and timeless details will harmonise perfectly with your home.

Design Freedom
Unit easily adapts to very different looks and feels. This is partly due to its modular nature but chiefly due to the variety of finishes. It lends itself well to experimenting with colour, which can be customised upon request.

Unit is nomadic at heart. It was designed for adventurers who are prepared to relocate and move to a new home, but want to maintain a central focus which doesn’t compromise on function and technology.
Cesar - Unit
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Unit - Technical sheetSalone del mobile


UnitSalone del mobile

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Cesar - Unit