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TRAM is Beneito Faure's new recessed linear LED module, with a modern and compact design. It is perfect for focused and ambiance lighting,


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TRAM's modular system allows you to customize its settings upon your needs. It is available with power ranging from 6W to 30W. The TRAM light has a low glare index and has a high color rendering chip (CRI> 90). It has a light beam angle of 30 degrees.

It is available in black and white finishes and it incorporates TUYA's intelligent technology.

Beneito Faure includes Tuya Smart technology in several of its products. This technology offers a more complete intelligent lighting experience, controlled by a mobile device and also by voice control. With Tuya your TRAM light can be turned on and off, the color temperature can be switched from 2700K to 6000K and the intensity can be dimmed… al the features to create the perfect environment of each moment.