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Beneito Faure presents the BORA decorative light, a new family with more than 30 different combinations. From suspended to recessed, surface and magnetic rail (48V).

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The BORA luminaire was born from the idea of ​​creating a minimalist and versatile article that allows it to be placed in multiple positions. One of Beneito Faure’s objectives is to facilitate and optimize each product. During the process of creating the BORA product, it was always kept in mind to create a simple, minimalist but functional product.

The BORA luminaire is made up of two different powers and sizes, with 4.5W and 8.5W, in the finishes White and Matte Black, Chrome and Golden Rose and in color temperatures of 2,700K and 3,000K.

Thanks to its CRI> 93, it offers excellent color definition and highlights the features of what you want to light up.

The BORA decorative light can be placed individually, in pairs or in groups, with the possibility of playing with its placement to create different atmospheres and effects.