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Sofa 4970

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Bellotti Ezio - 4970 - sofa

The collection includes a Louis XVI style sofa with carvings, antique decapè finish with gold and bronze.‎ Velvet covering.‎

Bellotti Ezio - 4970 - sofa
Descrizione prodotto
Comfortable and precious, Louis XVI sitting room is characterized by simpler and more sober lines.‎ In the history of furnishing it takes the place of the Louis XV style, abandoning the volutes of the Rococo.‎ It is characterized by the geometric rigor of the ornament, the basements of the living rooms have more straight lines, while maintaining beautiful carvings that enhance the luxury.‎ The search for fabrics inside the company, is always accurate and accompanies the style of the sofa.‎ This living room is in antique decapè finish with gold and bronze.‎

Product code 4970
Bellotti Ezio - 4970 - sofa
Product name

Sofa 4970


Ezio Bellotti

259*89* h 106 cm


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